January 31, 2005


When I started writing my blog on Chennai, I never thought that I would be writing the finishing lines from Hyderabad. With the fast pace the things are turning out and considering the time I take to complete a blog, it is possible that I finish this blog from somewhere else. Since I do not want that to happen and since I am new to Hyderabad, I would give my first impressions about this place.

Hyderabad is a great place, but for the climate. The climate was expected to be like this, and I should admit that it is much better than the forecasts I had. But then, the real picture comes only during summer, so let me wait and see..

The place has a clear "Naidu" effect all over, with well laid roads and the software companies' buildings each being an architectural marvel. The most common name used here is "Sai" staring from educational establishments to wine shops, clearly indicating the influence of famous Saibaba temple here in Panchagutta. Then there are share-autos on which its written "4 in All" but carry as many as 8 passengers, quite annoying for me who disliked the chennai autos carrying as many as 6 people in a ride.

There are many other things that I dislike. But then whether you like it or not, "The Show Must Go On" and it does......