October 17, 2005

Over a plate of curry...

Yesterday, I had traditional Kerala chicken curry for dinner, Lucky Me! Not only that it has become several months since I last tasted it, this was prepared my classmate in school who has come down to Hyderabad on a job hunting visit. He (yes, he) has become a great cook if not anything else, and the taste of the curry prompted me to offer him an immediate full-time job, as a "guest" cook in our house. ;-)

Being overtly fat (as per our school standards then), this guy was called "thadiyan" in school. Mine was a residential school run by central government; it was always celebration time for us during the weekends when his parents visited thadiyan in school. Actually this parental visit was allowed only once in a month, but some of the parents visited their wards quite often and thadiyan's parents were among them. When they came, they brought packets of eatables good enough to start a new bakery, a major portion of which was shared by his classmates (including myself). I still do not understand if this surplus quantity attributed to their fear of thadiyan being starved once this sharing happens, or to their desire to make him more fattish. Whatever it was, we had a nice time during most of the weekends, for otherwise we usually starved due to the poor quality of food being served in the school mess.

After four years since I left the school, I came to know that the mess-in-charge who had been administering the food supply for students was caught for cheating and was transferred to some other remote place. At present the school has appointed a student committee for running the mess and the students they are getting a very sumptuous food. This guy, the mess-in-charge looked very "pavam" in his behavior and mannerisms, so I considered him one of the very few harmless individuals in school then. Now when I know that he has made us starve (or prevent us from getting better food) for seven years, he seems to be my first example for "looks being deceptive".

And yes, after eating the delicious chicken curry prepared my friend, I have started rethinking about my decision to marry a girl who is good and interested in cooking. After all, who knows my tastes better than me? ;-)