March 02, 2008


When Varnachitram outlined the ingredients of a Ranji Panicker movie and Ranjit Nair gave a more elaborative plot analysis, I could not agree anymore. But still I took the risk, watched Roudram yesterday in Sangam theatre.

Apart from those punch dialogues that Ranji thinks will make a movie, there is nothing he has to offer new. The story (if at all there is anything), the characters, the plot, the style and even the scenes are similar to his old movies, and the dialogues (packed with uncommon English words) are different because he could not afford to copy them. Its Mammotty this time, doing the role of a cope who is the do-gooder investigating a murder mystery which is actually a mystery only to him. The audience are told who is the killer in the opening scenes, and they are made to watch how Mammotty the-only-individual-who don’t know-the killer fools around to find out!

The drummer in the background score department would have had a merry time doing whatever he could afford, the deafening sound of drums starting from the opening scenes till the end gave me a headache. And the camera man was not at all interested in what he was doing, I found many of the scenes were out of focus and had a tough time watching them.

After thinking for sometime on why Ranji made this movie, I came to the conclusion that he just wanted to portray the state chief minister V S in a bad light. Because that is the sole 'idea' that is new in the film. Which is other was a Bharatchandran IPS with Mammotty in the lead with other actors doing similar things. The worst part is that the movie has become a hit which means you can expect a new one with the same team and may be Mohanlal in the lead!

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