April 20, 2009

The lost Soul

It has been more than three months now since I started working in my new company here in Trivandrum. There are quite a lot of changes in the culture and structure of this company compared to my previous one. First thing that I noticed was the high male to female ratio in this company, at least fifty percent of the members are female in most of the teams here. Compare that to a if-lucky-ten-percent in my previous company! Of the six people who sit in my cube, only two are male including me! Two among the females who are relatively freshers initiated a conversation and became friends with me soon. Since they were extremely talkative and our cube is towards a corner, their friends (all girls) would also come here often for the usual chit chat. Before you start imagining things, I am nothing more than a silent listener, though some of these girls were introduced to me.

I had noticed one of these girls who was also introduced to me during this time. She had light green eyes with a fair complexion, our initial and only conversation was about our names being not so common and difficult for people to remember. This should have happened about three weeks ago. Prior to last week she was taken to hospital from office after being sick, there was little drama when people moved her in a wheel chair to the lift. The girl next to me told she was weak because of not taking proper food. We used to pass by in corridors, I specifically remember we passed by on last Thursday and Friday because she gave me a beautiful smile on both occasions which I reciprocated.

Today, I reached office like any other usual Monday. I met some of my team mates on the way who told me about a girl who committed suicide on Saturday. She was a reclusive type, so none including her close friends have no clue as to what happened. I heard the story just like another one from a daily newspaper. When I came to my seat, the girl next to me was searching her friend's name and photograph on our local intranet, she turned to me and asked if I remember the friend. When I said yes, she told that she committed suicide. I asked her again to confirm though at the back of my mind I was sure I heard it right. I felt numb for sometime, I have never in my life had someone smile at me on the day before they decided to end their life. I just can't forget the smiling face and those beautiful green eyes. After sometime, I could see the people who were her friends or team mates working as usual. Life was just as normal to everyone. I, like in the company e-mail announcing the demise, would also use the cliched 'May her sole rest in peace' to end this post!

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