April 19, 2009

Catching up!

It has been more than a year that I made an entry in here. The last post was about Akkarakazhchakal and this week's episode, 50th in the series, was probably the last of the season or the sitcom altogether.

During this period quite a lot has changed in my life. I have quit my job in the world's top five software company and have moved on to a small company which may not be a tier-III firm that is not even listed yet. This, of course, is part of my long pending decision to move to my home town in Kerala. It happened sooner than I thought due to the poor health my father had, thank God he is doing better now after a bypass surgery in Chennai! Though my new employer have not yet given me the option to work from their Kochi office as promised, I am enjoying my life here in Trivandrum. What is more precious than having able to eat Kerala dishes thrice-a-day, be it appam, red rice, Malabar biriyani or Kappa and fish curry.

Trivandrum is not a place I like for various reasons, so much so that settling here is not an option for me. I have hated this place during the four years of my college life, the people here are not friendly and I do not like the culture. But for time being I am saving some money on my expenses, this city is darn cheap compared to the metros!

Today, I am a proud owner of a car and is plying around the city outskirts trying to be a comfortable four wheeler driver. I am also trying my level best to get my personal life in order, which includes target to be closer to the almighty and to be in better physical shape. With the slow paced life in the village ambience around here, I expect to be successful. All in all, I am having a good time when the rest of the world is worried about everything from recession to results of the recent parliamentary elections!

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